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Default Re: Help, Sick of Not Having a Kickstand! Cant find one!

I rode my motorized mountain bike for a year without a kickstand, kind of a pain in the butt, so I understand your situation. My frame had no kickstand mounting plate, and the rear legs of the frame are a wide oval which would be tough to mount one too. I ended up getting this heavy duty double leg kickstand from CrowCycles and I love it. They have lots of sizes and styles, I think you should look over what they have and you should find something that would work for you. The one I bought mounts with a plate on top that is bolted to the kickstand on the bottom, it basically just sandwiches your frame just behind the bottom bracket, so it should fit most bikes. If your bike has bare cables run down under the bottom bracket for the dérailleurs you might have some interference there, I had to drill a carefully positioned hole through the kickstand to let the cable for the rear dérailleur through. At first I thought this was gonna be a problem but it worked out really well. Since you have a tall bike I would suggest you look at this one . The legs are adjustable, so you just mount it on the bike and then screw the legs down until they hit the ground...
I LOVE mine, its really heavy duty, I set the legs so it lifts the rear wheel up a bit so I can kick start the motor with the pedal. I am highly satisfied with mine......
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