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Cool Going to the Grocery Store

Was heading to the grocery store yesterday and saw a motorbike coming the opposite direction and about half way up one of the steepest hills around. And he wasn't peddling, I thought I would turn around and meet him but it's a four lane road and lots of traffic. So I went to the store and as I was coming up the steep hill I thought about him again, as I topped the hill there he was standing next to the broke down motorbike. He had made it up the hill and about another 50 yards and that was it. I started to pull over but noticed a truck making a u turn and pulling over in front of him, so I again pasted him up and took the grocery's home. As soon as I got home I again regretted not at least meeting him and inviting him over to compare our motorbikes. He obviously didn't need me at the time and I'm sure I'll see him again.
So, if you live around Augusta, GA and your bike just broke down after giving it **** up a steep hill....send me a message and we'll get together.
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