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Default Re: Puke, Pooch, Puck, Putch?

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
A few years ago I went to a local lawnmower shop looking for a part for an old Sachs two stroke lawn mower. The guy behind the counter never heard of Sachs before. He started getting a little pissy with me and called up his boss on the phone just to see if I was messing with him. His boss straightened that one out really quick!

Now to get to the point, How does one pronounce Sachs?
I was taught that is like "socks".
The socks on your feet.
Has anyone here heard any differently?
Should be pronounced "socks". The "A" in "Sachs" is like the "A" in "Drama" or "rama lama ding dong". The "ch" in "Sachs" is pronounced like a "k" if you're from most of Germany, or if you're from Bavaria or parts of the south (as my family was) the sound it makes is part way between a hard "K" and hacking up a hairball.
Now the "u" in Puch: I've never seen it with umlauts (i.e. ) so I have to assume it would sound like "pook" and rhyme with "look". That's as much as I know.

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