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Cool Stepping out of the shadows..

I spent the majority of a 12 hour shift glued to this site.

Not a true gearhead. have tinkered on my 84 g-body w/ help of a haynes (so not a complete idiot to mechanics). SUPER GEEKED about starting a project and getting on the road.

What I'm in it for:
Initially, cheap commuter. (we own three cars --any one wanna buy a g-body?-- and moving to Cali). Now i'm busting at the seams to get started, go all out and get into the weeds having been inspired by just how amazing you guys' work is.

The work u guys put in and the final products are amazing. moreso, the since of community. and an aire of "undergroundedness". the majority of Americans have yet to step into the world of alternate travel options. (Can't wait to be close to Amtrak!!)

Direction ahead:
I'm stuck on the concept of the Franco Morini Engine (9.4HP S6S). I was considering a boardie (modernized) [AMAZING job to the german gent, Russen!!!]. I've settled on a frame much akin to the boXer. Got the idea while researching antique cycles. The style is 1950 Rumi Scoiaolotto Turismo. I plan to do a pseudo modernized version. Problem is: I hardly know the first thing about building an MB. Luckily, I'm in the right place....

Everyday without an motorized bicycle is a day too long.
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