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Default Re: is my chain to high on the back sprocket


I will assume there ARE manufacturing defects with the sprocket AND the chain !

Spin the back wheel and dress the sides of the sprocket with a coarse file like Alf says...
NOT a lot, just a bit to help it find its way, until things wear in a bit.

and replace the chain with a real one!

and of course, make sure the rag joint is holding the sprocket true, both concentric and side to side wobble...

The tensioner doesn't look as shakey as some I've seen, like Wayne said... just check that it's running true and not holding the chain off one way or the other.

You've got an evil combination going on here... lol
...a rag joint
...a china sprocket
...a stock chain
...and a tensioner


..nothing that can't be sorted out, though.

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