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Default Re: is my chain to high on the back sprocket

Sounds like an allignment problem then, assuming there are no manufacturing defects.

It could be the chain side to side, or else the ragjoint isn't holding the sprockin line, or the tensioner is messing with the chain allignment. Check all three.

If it's a chain allignment problem- maybe turning the dish of the sprock around would work better- you just have to sight it all from behind- or you can add spacers or washers sometimes to the wheel axle and get a slight bit of side to side allignment that way.

NOW THAT I'VE LOOKED MORE CLOSELY- it does appear that you have the dish of the sprocket turned the wrong way out. (There is no real right or wrong way when trying to achieve allignment, but it USUALLY goes the other way to give greater frame clearance. If the frame clearance disappeared from simply pulling the wheel back- that's probably why. turn the sprocket so that the teeth are farther AWAY from the frame and closer to the spokes- the best chain allignment is usually achieved this way as well. Look at the chain from the back, and you can use a straight edge to see if it's straight if you want.

also make sure the motor itself is mounted straight on the frame- if the motor leans- and sometimes it can pull itself to the side- the motor sprocket can angle off center right off the bat.

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