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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

[QUOTE=Toadmund;393676]Speaking of exhaust:
Started hand filing (port matching) my exhaust pipe out with a round file, then busted a move to the basement to hurry it up with my 'dremel type tool'

It was exhausting work!
(The exhaust port was ported before I installed engine, just didn't do the muffler until now)

Let me ask you experienced guys, would doing this make it feel like I added 10-20 cc's to the motor?
Seems like since I did this the bike wants to leave without me!
OR, is this me feeling the start of my rings starting to seat or both?
(Just started my second tank of 16:1 non-synthetic)

The difference is amazing and it even seems to 4 stroke less at WOT.

PS, also cracked my Dudley combination lock that hasn't been opened since high school 24 years ago! Thanks interwebs! I'll use that with my big chain and big U bolt lock for my motorized bicycle security needs.

And don't forget my question, thanks.

One of the pictures (black cat) is the exhaust after [s]hand[/s] finger sanding with emery cloth. Sanded to good enough adequate perfection.

Did the same to mine on a totally stock setup, to the intake and exhaust. They weld an intake mount to the tube that is much smaller then the tube itself. I opened both up and it runs a LOT better. Of course I really do need a better exhaust setup. After break in your engine will also start running better, rings seal, ect, and you will get a performance increase. I may be wrong, but I think opening ports can only help an engine breath better, to a point anyway. Too much and you'll find a performance decrease.
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