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Smile I remember when

I remember when I first started riding MABs they were illegal. And I rode for two years before I even knew.

I remember when my butt would be sore for days. Now I can ride everyday for hours and my butt never hurts.

I remember when I was always stopped on my Della Cruz and asked "Is that from the 1800s?" "Did you restore that yourself?"

I remember when I was always stopped and asked if I will build one or sale one.

I remember when there was only one vendor online.

I remember that first ride, what a thrill it was.

I remember when engine kits where $120 with shipping and I thought that was too much.

I remember the fight against city council to unbanned motorized bicycles

I remember when Death Race was on public streets.

I remember when I used to carry enough tools to build a whole new bike on the side of the road. Now most of the time I carry nothing but water.

I remember when this forum first started.

I remember when I used to mount my motors with rubber.

I remember getting pissed off with MAbs and saying "I will never build or ride one of these damn things again". All these years later I am still building them and riding them.

I remember quitting as a moderator several times, but yet I am still here.

I remember when I thought 23mph was fast on a bicycle, now speeds above 45+ mph is nothing.

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