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Default Hello from Germany


The first thing I want to apologize for my english, it jolts sometimes a little.

Iīm coming from Lower Saxony in Germany, my Name is Ralph, but all of my Friends know me as ALF.
I bought one of these Engine Kits now one and a half year ago from Bike Berry. That Shop seems to be the only one wich is shipping to Europe.

Now two weeks ago I finally made it, to put that little thing into the frame of my stretchcruiser. There was a lot to modify and adjust to fit it in.

The first 50 kilometers are done with only little problems. The first things that broke after ~ 25 kilometers were the two fenderstruts of my rear fender, cheap metal, not purposed for bicycles equipped with motors. So I cut my rear fender, now, another 25 kilometers later it holds in place. Second was, the carburator falls of the intake caused by a bad machined manifold. I had to file a few mm of the manifold to make the carb hold in place. Done, and the carb didnīt move itself any more.

It makes a lot of fun riding the bike. I canīt wait the time till break in is finished to see what speed I can reach with it.

If you have any questions fell free to ask, iīll answer if I can.

Here is a little video of the finished bike.

Keep on riding,

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