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Default First post, new hobby, Felt 1903 build

Hello from West Michigan. I have recently started my first build.

A few months ago there was a blurb in Wired magazine about the Dylan motorized bikes. I had no idea these could be made so sharp looking but I assumed that if they were doing it and charging what seemed like a lot then it must be what the market will tolerate and there must be other manufacturers. The bikes at Sportsman Flyer are incredible and the Phantom Ghost Cruiser at Phantom Bikes is a real looker.

My typical approach to this sort of thing would be to research the topic for months on end until I know every detail of what I want to do. Recently I took my Dad to the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI. He mentioned that he was getting a little bored with wood working projects and that my Mom had suggested he buy a car to restore (!). He was thinking that was a little too big of a project at the moment. I mentioned the conversation to my wife and that I thought a BTR inspired motorized bicycle would be a fun project for he and I to work on together. "Do it now. Do it now or you'll regret it." She said. She did not have to tell me twice....

So here's what we're building:

The Bike:
A Felt 1903 Cruiser that I found on sale at Ypsilanti Cycles
Replacing the Jerry Springer Fork with an Abraham Linkage (and all the threadless stuff that goes with it) from Suburban Bikes
Rebuilding the front wheel with a Sturmey-Archer drum brake hub*
Adding a NOS headlight from an old BSA*
Adding a NOS horn from an old Norton*
Flipped the bars so that they are now "Up on the Downside" bars just like the Deep Six
Using a pair of 70's NOS Suzuki brake / clutch levers (instead of the mountain bike levers from the salvage) which include brake light switching*
Adding a NOS Harley tail light and stop light with plate illuminator from the '30s*
Adding a pair of 70's NOS Suzuki 5" round mirrors*
Adding a Briggs and Stratton NOS gas tank mounted behind the seat, likely on a rack
*required by MI SoS DoT to meet Moped laws

The Engine and Drive:
A salvaged China Girl 48cc from CL
Billet Aluminum parts and expansion chamber from Sick Bike Parts
Engine Mounts and Chain Tensioner from KW Machine Works
44t Sprocket and Mount from Sportsman Flyer

There will be more but that's what we have so far. I keep referring to this as Phase I where Phase II will be procuring plans for a "Howell" V-Twin and up scaling it to 50cc and replacing the China Girl.

Thanks for creating the forum and thanks for having me!

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