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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Its getting easier ever day now. Time consuming confusing stuff like looking up part numbers for diaphragm carbs and particulars with plug types etc. I have fast begun to memorize.

Got to do a tune up on a kids quad with a 110 cc lifan engine Honda clone. Had a *** carb that is touted to be tamper proof. Drilled the rivets off of the float bowl and dug up some replacement machine screws. The bike just did not like my fat butt on it much. I cleaned the carb out hoping for a change? This thing was under tuned from the factory even for a small child lol. Danged EPA

If went wot on the throttle from a stop it would bog out and nearly die. Had to give it part throttle and it would go. Shop is pretty hectic busy so I put it to the side after checking the valve adjustment. Which I put about 4 thousands clearance on the intake and 6 on the exhaust.

Took the carby back out Boss wanted to to enlarge the idle jet. Did not make much difference. Enlarged by about 1 thousand of an inch. Prolly be selling the customer a new carb if they want it to run perfect. Kind of a bummer.

If I had more time to experiment? I wanted to enlarge the Idle jet more. Darn carb did not even have adjustment screws on it. Just a static Idle adjustment to raise the Idle and no fuel mixture screws. No doubt likely a wast of time. Just curiosity beckons me to wanna figure that one out..

Have a Baja 196 cc motor scooter mini bike with Honda Clone. Only runs with the choke on. Cleaned out the darn carby twice did not get a chance to get back on it today. Could not see anything wrong with the carby? So I vatted it for 24 hours in a bucket of carb cleaner. I even Googled it lol. Hey we do live in the information age.

Seamed a few other folks just replaced their carb with new ones.

This lob is pretty kewl Dan and I am getting faster everyday.

Was replacing a throttle cable on a Sthil trimmer the darn springs, kill switch and other potential mystery mayhem items were just begging to all jump out remain a mystery, then fight to the bitter end going back together. lol. All while the customer is waiting and everyone is tied up. Actually pretty darn fun I like it so far!

They have commented on my bike. No one thought they would see something of its likeness run my hide away and off the parking lot so slick and fast after work. Well after some of the generic kit bikes have come in. Seams no one wants to work on those? We are one of the only shops that will.

One poor fellow did not have jets for the H.T. MB. carb that was in there. He had ordered a replacement N.T. carb . Threw it on and had the same problem. I wanted to make short work of that motor lol. had way too much time with those and just
knew I could clean it up.

Told him where he could order a jet for it. @ SBP. I will prolly bring him what he needs for from the archive parts at the house from something I phased out in the quest for power..
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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