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Default Re: WOW ! I thought I was on my own...

No, still cant start it and I've now put me back out trying, but I have a cunning plan... It pops and bangs like it wants to but everytime I nearly get there I have to stop cos I'm so bloody knackerd I've done a good few miles of trying now an tried loads of the usual tricks to get it going but the truth of it is I'm just not fit enough to get it started at the mo so...

When I was at Aintree classic bike sprint last year I spied the racers using a gadget like this to get all kinds of bikes going from big twin Vincents right down to race tuned Bantams.
I did look to buy something of Ebay to do the job but the electric starters on there go for over 700. With this gadget I've made You just jack up your car and lower it on the rollers, then start the car which turns the rollers, an put your bikes back wheel on them to mechanicaly bump start it, I'd proper love it to work cos me ticker cant stand any more pedeling !

When my bad backs a little better I cant wait to try it, whats the worst that can happen ?

Scaffold bar-free
4 X wheel bearings- 28
3 metres of 50mm box section 24
2 metres of 19 mm solid bar 7.
saving my legs from pedeling all over Crossens...... priceless

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