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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Even though I'm in the middle of potato land and the ethanol lobby here is strong there are now more places to get non-blended fuel. Phillips 66 is ethanol free fuel now. I get it for my cage and lawn equeptment.

After the first of the month I'll FINALY be getting back to my build. I'm getting the parts for scotto's jackshaft brake setup. The Dynacraft West Coast Limited has a coaster brake and I really don't like it. It did have a rim brake setup but a previous owner removed it

I'm still looking for someone to re-lace the front rim with a Sturmey Archer Drum Dyno. It's my understanding that by going from a 3 cross to a 4 cross lacing I won't need to get new spokes. I sure hope so...
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