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Question 2 Friction Drives Compared

Hello motor bike enthusiasts
I am planning on adding a friction drive to my Electra Street Rod, choosing to go this route for simplicity and reliability.
I was darn near ready to just order a friction kit from flmotorbikes until I saw the kit from dax. I have already decided to go with the Honda GX35 35.8 cc 1.60 Max HP Four Cycle engine with the 21.76 oz integrated fuel tank. I want that motor and no other for the Honda name, quietness, proven reliability and I think it just looks nice and also small. I see I could get that motor elsewhere for slightly less but if I get the drive kit from FL, I'd just get the motor from there also, for simplicity & the motor already attached etc.
First off, can anyone tell me if that Honda motor will work with the dax friction drive and does it mount to it with the same ease as other motors, no modification needed? I sure hope so as I practically have my heart set on it.
So, on to comparing the two drive kits...
I see the dax kit comes with two rollers, a big plus. Also, the construction of the dax kit is described in more detail mentioning "2 Huge 6302 16x42x13mm main sealed bearings"

1. Can the dax kit accommodate the Honda GX35 motor? The FL kit that works with the Honda motor apparently has a 76mm clutch rotor and a 70.7mm four-hole engine mounting bolt pattern.

2. Does the dax kit have better bearings than the FL kit?

3. How much time/effort is required to change the rollers on the dax kit? (I assume the FL kit cannot change rollers as I'd have to pick one or the other before ordering and it then comes pre-installed.)
Edit: This video gives me the idea that I won't want to change rollers unless I'm thinking I should have gone with the other size in the first place, not just to change it for one day to accommodate some hill climbing and then reverse it later the same day = too much hassle (for me).

4. The dax site mentions copyrights on their kit, is the FL kit infringing on those copyrights?

5. If I get the dax kit and Honda motor separately, will I need to get a kill switch and throttle cable separately as well?

Also, I see the dax kit comes with two different sized u brackets and rubber paint protectors, and costs a little bit less. I'd like to get the dax kit if I can use it with the Honda GX35 without a difficult modification.

Thanks in advance for your knowledge, thoughts and insight!
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