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Default Re: BGF engine questions

Originally Posted by crmachineman View Post
Totally dude, I agree! Damn this kind of thing really shouldn't be on anybodies radar. I actually think there are a few legitimate problems with these restrictive laws. Suppose you are a full grown adult who needs to safely go to work or to the store.... If you need a little more engine displacement to safely transport yourself, I don't think anyone has the right to make it illegal to do so. I sincerely believe that low speed bicycles are in greater danger than a bicycle that can keep up with traffic. Personally, I try to get as much speed as I can, so I don't have dozens of cars passing me on the left. What if someone in a car is talking or texting on the phone, and happens not to see the poor bicyclist riding on the shoulder?
Sounds like the need for a scooter or small displacement motorcycle, then. Better brakes, better suspension, more speed... My wife's Vespa LX150 was a pleasure to ride to the store and back, it would barely hit 60 so was not suitable for the freeway, but was a treat as a grocery getter.

If you want to stick with a motorized bicycle, maybe a high HP Morini, or the DAX KTM clone, and some front and rear disk brakes? That should be at or near the displacement reqs of most states, but get you moving with the flow of non-freeway traffic pretty good.

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