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Default Re: BGF engine questions

Originally Posted by dragray View Post
holy cow....sounds like some people worry too much.
not that breaking the law is a good thing, but seriously, this is a bicycle engine, not a 1000 c.c. streetbike diguised as a 250.
I guess i'm glad that i live where i do because i don't have to worry about this sort of thing.
heck, here, people ride 4 wheelers and golf carts on the streets.
Totally dude, I agree! Damn this kind of thing really shouldn't be on anybodies radar. I actually think there are a few legitimate problems with these restrictive laws. Suppose you are a full grown adult who needs to safely go to work or to the store.... If you need a little more engine displacement to safely transport yourself, I don't think anyone has the right to make it illegal to do so. I sincerely believe that low speed bicycles are in greater danger than a bicycle that can keep up with traffic. Personally, I try to get as much speed as I can, so I don't have dozens of cars passing me on the left. What if someone in a car is talking or texting on the phone, and happens not to see the poor bicyclist riding on the shoulder?
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