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Default Re: BGF engine questions

Originally Posted by dragray View Post
holy cow....sounds like some people worry too much.
not that breaking the law is a good thing, but seriously, this is a bicycle engine, not a 1000 c.c. streetbike diguised as a 250.
I guess i'm glad that i live where i do because i don't have to worry about this sort of thing.
heck, here, people ride 4 wheelers and golf carts on the streets.
People worry because there are some guys and gals ou there that have motorised bikes as their only means of transport. If people go about breaking the laws regarding these little engines, the law is going to change and all motorised bike engines are going to be outlawed.

So stick withing the law, and they won't become illegal. Have a thought for those that use them as their only means of transport
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