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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well, put a piece of cardboard in the clutch gear housing cover, works amazingly well to reduce gear whine (note, cut some cardboard away to make room for clutch adjustment nut area), I replaced the crappy strippy-head screws with black Allen key bolts (black motor).
Looks way nicer, who don't like Allen head bolts?

Funny, Canadian Tire only had 3 bolts left, I bought them anyway, turns out I had two in my bolt bin that I bought previously that were the wrong size for that other application! Bought a big chain 3 ft. long to make a bike lock, to go with my U lock, and a six pack of cherry tomatoe plants.

Took the bike out from my back yard, then it stalled, wouldn't start, just wouldn't go, put my thinking cap on and realized turning on the fuel petcock would be a great idea!

Then I raised the needle up one notch on the carb to lean out the fuel, engine runs much better now, much less 4 stroking, can't wait until I run regular oil mix after break in to see how she runs.

(Note, don't do carburetor work on the lawn, grass eats parts, but not this time, I found everything.)

PS, other than checking the spark plug for greyish white-ish ashy-ness, is there any indication, sound, temperature or anything that could give clues to an over lean condition?
Could I tell just by riding the bike?

Thanks, I'll stop, right now!
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