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Smile WF-26, questions on sprocket sizings =)

Hey, completely new here! Just got an 80cc Wildfire (wf-26) for a few hundred and I love it! After mostly fixing the leaky gas cap anyway. ;-) Starts easy, warms up fast, and I don't even need to use the choke at all-- in fact, it doesn't start if I use it. I'm a little disappointed with how noisy it is pedaling with the clutch in, engine off-- for on campus and such-- but it's not too bad.

I do have a couple concerns, though. It's running on a 44t sprocket and my top speed is only 24.05 mph, by GPS, with 20:1 and 94 octane break-in mix. I'd be okay with that if the roads around here weren't 30-35mph. As it is, I barely have to pedal from a stop and I can accelerate plenty fast. I'd like switch to a smaller sprocket, but have no experience. 27t seems small, 36t perhaps not quite small enough. I weigh #190 and might need to go up hills, but I don't think it'll be trouble getting up them if I pedal along-- I can zip up them as it is. I'd appreciate any thoughts and recommendations on sizes-- I'd like to go about 35 mph so I can ride on the back roads here in Spokane. =)

Also the fork shocks have some play that concerns me, most noticeable when braking. Not really sure how to fix that without replacing the shocks, though. Crank hub has a little play too, but I should be able to fix that. Again, thoughts appreciated... =)

I'm really looking forward to perfecting this little cruiser, it's fun and I think I'll use it for a long, long time-- even if I eventually replace everything on it. =) Please share your experiences with different sprocket sizes, too! =) =)
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