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Default Re: BGF engine questions

Originally Posted by SavageBlunts904 View Post
The guy i bought it from said he got a deal on a nice supply of his kits. It also comes with BGF install instructions (which arent needed) but i am not sure about the size. Info kina needed for legal reasons ya know. Im sure once i get my wheel in ill be able to tell once i break it in. If it sucks i still have my china girl sittin in a sealed box thats good to go. Only difference i see on the motor is a different clutch puller and a flat head, the china was a slant head.
China girls came in both flat and slant head. Check the cylinder studs, if the nut is a 14mm, then the studs are 8mm, and most likely a 66cc. Although there are a few 66cc engines that have 10mm head nuts, or a 6mm cylinder stud. Different kits come with the straight and angled clutch lever. All my engines (6) are 66cc and I have both levers.
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