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Default Re: is this oil ok?

C&H, the oil at bennies is probably fine.

That is to say, any recent production two stroke mix oil will work in a chinagirl at the proper mixture.

It's an ancient design manufactured from questionable materials with horrid quality control and low hp output that is sold at a bargain price.

I would be reluctant to run standard motor oil in place of the fuel mix.
and that's about the only reservation I would have!

A chainsaw and many of the powered garden tools are a different story!

Many of them are truly high performance engines, operating very efficiently at very high rpm's.

IMO, they are an excellent place to be considerate of which products you may select.

If you have an exotic chinagirl with all conceivable performance parts and are intent upon winning races or a grueling endurance run, well, in that case, I would review the threads on 'the best mix oil' !!!

All My Opinion ! lol

i would seek a second...
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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