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Default Re: Big @ss'n Tuning Fork?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
My kinda observation.
Life is too short not to notice that kind of stuff.
You've amused me with your amusement.
Hehehe ;-}
It's almost like an amusement park here just now...
I am double amused reading about your amusement with my amusement with this amusing fork I still have by the desk and just whacked on the carpet again while I type this, a few times actually and and I timed it, ~25 seconds with a semi-hard whack on padded carpet, I'd bet I could get a full minute if I whacked it harder against something harder but hey, it's a new fork so there is no sense in trashing it, I am plenty amused enough with it now ;-}

I'm glad I could share a silly smile with a couple of you guys and Joe is right about observation.
The thing is, it's not something you have to consciously think about all the time, you just have to notice whatever it is when it happens.

The downside of that observation skill however is seeing/hearing/feeling something you wish you hadn't.

Do I have an example of that?
Is it recent and does it fit this 'Big Ass'n Tuning Fork' topic and still funny?
Judge for yourself...

Ummm, on second thought I think I'll let those images of the poster gal for middle aged Latino obesity in a frigg'n 70's style miniskirt and halter top pedaling a kids BMX bike up the little hill by my house go away.

Ahhh... must... act.... TOO LATE! I already thought of the Circus fat lady in a tu-tu riding the clowns tiny bike up a 'tight wire' hill from the behind view.

(smack) Hummmmm....

Much better. Now where were we again? hehehehehe Sweet dreams ;-}

(smack) Hummmmm....

(smack) Hummmmm....
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