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Default Re: It didn't rain today,in my part of england,so..

I'm useless with regard to most things, but I am good with petrol (gaaas to you lot!!).. Unfortunately, when me dear ol' lady wife and I returned to collect my bike from the ditch I'd hidden it in, albeit it in the small hours of the morning!(prior to the "long walk"), I realized it'd been a mistake to brim the tank before the ride...............most of the fuel spilled out into the back of my PT Cruiser!! (see, I just had to drop into conversation that I drive one of your "yank tanks"!)...wish I'd not filled the tank, just filled the tyres with that green slime stuff instead!! See, I really am pretty dumb!.........mind you, I was sooo dumb that it never entered my head that something might go "Wrong"!
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