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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The Sthil trimmer/weed whacker still needs 2 stroke mix as it has no oil sump like a typical 4 stroke. All I used for a damp rag is concerned is three table spoons of gas to a shop rag. After I condemn a carby for an over haul and tested the compression. Just figured out today that the non chlorinated brake clean we have works too.

I also run my projects outside the bay for a while. and retest them for a grumpy start when they are cold..

He is training new service writers ATM as well. ''Makes a job a little more rough around the edges so to speak.. I have had to call customers on my tickets to sell stuff. A lot of projects need to be presold with a proper price cap for service on it. Then there is the way our parts inventory works. A lot more under the surface here. lol Not much different than automotive as chain of command from customers goes.

The chlorinated brake clean was always my favorite here at home. That stuff will not start a motor it will kill it and stink bad .. Don't wanna breath that stuff! I am still learning more practical protocol ever day..

Two days now and I have done more carb kits.. a ton of them by now, about two more weeks and I will have a bunch of knowledge. Anything with a diaphragm is a given they all go south and need replaced on 90% of what I see.. Pretty darn hectic right now just got home....

Learned at our altitude boss man likes a 5 to 8 heat range spark plug. I have had a 8 in the M.B. M. since last fall. NGK in it.. I established a flawless place to store the bike. Stuff like that is so rare in a work place can even lock it up. Today I did not.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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