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Default Big @ss'n Tuning Fork?

I was cleaning up the shop this morning and moving a new Macargi bikes stock front fork that was replaced and bumped it against the bench and heard a strange noise...

I was baffled as to what it was for about 2 seconds until I felt the vibration in my hand from the front fork I was holding by the neck and put it by my ear.
Sure enough it was the front fork acting like a tuning fork.

I just spent the last 20 minutes giving it whaps on the padded carpet playing with it!
I don't know what 'key' it resonates at nor do I care, I am just having a bit of fun ;-}

Anyway, this info has no meaningful purpose other than to illustrate that no matter what you happen to be doing in life, at any moment you may find a source of amusement if you are paying attention and in my book any source of amusement, even fleeting ones, are life's little bonuses if look for them and they can change your whole day's outlook.

That little bonus amusement of a bike fork actually being a tuning fork while I cleaned the shop made my morning and it don't matter what comes my way the rest of the day, I am grinning ear to ear as the sun comes up today and it would take a lot to wipe this smile off today.

Just in case I have that fork standing up against my desk within easy reach.
(plunk) HUUuummmmm Ahahahaha, ya I am easily amused ;-}
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