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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Today was a stickler big time time on how he wants his jobs approached. I got two basket cases 'tests' One had a bad intake valve and the governor was wrong. I took the carby off twice it was varnished big time. It had a wave of rpm that went up and down liken to the carby might still be dirty? Until a very slight miss back fire could be heard through the carburetor. That one got me

I will not touch anything until there is first a compression test. I just moisten a shop towel with a tiny bit of gas next to a bad carby to at least fire the motor up once before overhauling a carb..

Heh Heh I will catch up with hands on experience of these new 4 stokes variettahh now.

Everything that comes in and uses one has a clogged right heck up spark arrestor lol

Got to adjust the valves on a 4 stroke Stihl weed whacker. There very easy! Was really impressed with those. Nice light weight tool and you don't have to be three feet tall in stature to use it. lol. Got the scoop on Stihl synthetic 2 smoke oil. It is good stuff! It coats the metal parts in a way that sounds as brag able as the touted Opti.

Customer brought it in Stihi wed whacker 4 stroke for a bad idle and there was straight gas in the tank lol. Did 2 Weed whackers 2 rototillers, leaf blower, and a lawn mower. The guy was showing and telling me so much I barely started at noon and had to figure out where everything was. ''parts''

Tomorrow I think I will speed up? The goal is ten jobs in my mind completed carby over hauls the works. My ultimate goal is to get up to 15.. Far as tune ups go in a day.. Just can't do that if a fellow forms bad habits!

Today's big thing was boss man wanted me to prove I had the right habits in mind and attitude check. Think the last few techs that came in had a bunch of haynes comebacks?? I worked in a R.V. shop once where a said certified ex Helicopter mechanic put over 21 Quarts of oil in a diesel pusher, half million dollar motor home once. it was coming out of the dip stick tube. That guy was using a pneumatic pump and did not understand the dial gauge. He never ever lived that one up!

I am very thick skinned can't hurt me I am just there to work. Only this is part play to me. ''Ssshhh'' don't want him to know that yet We got ATV's of all kinds Quads etc and some street legal mopeds too.

I don't have to lock my bike up outside in the pounding sun..I can just park it in the parts room. Pretty Kewl. So I road my bike to work today
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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