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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I had been on the look out for a new job. Was a little burnt out on automobile work after 15 years of it. Found a add in a small engine shop. 21 dollars an hour commission. I took up my resume in and talked with the guy for a while. He seamed real down to earth and honest. He kept telling me that he had a great many Auto mechanics come through and they were over their heads quick.

Conversation came up to references. I gave my references and said I also had a physical reference right outside the door. Before I came down I had detailed my old BoXer from one end to the other including wax and polish. Bike look like it had not seen a day's riding..

Oh man this guy was hard to impress. Readily apparent he had seen some bikes come and go and was pretty frank about not wanting to see. All I could say was you will not see another like this one again...

So he finally came out with me. The guy was on his knees right away close enough to get his face bumped into it. I brought a good reference!! We talked over the machine. I told where I got it from Dean and what all I had done to it. Tech talk and all.

Scouts honest truth when I started it up for him just on hit of the kick starter. His first exclamation was Wow this thing is quite. I thought it would be louder than this..

Any way today was my first day at work. Oh boy a bit hectic as I was a little nervous and wanted this job a lot! It is only 3 miles to get there! That guy watched me like a hawk all day!! lol. Can't blame him.. I got all my educate in prospective order, and did great my first day.. This place is bouncing off the walls crazy busy!!

There was one lonely little H.T. M.B. sitting in the corner nobody has got to it yet.

I get to work on Weed Whackers to Motocross dirt bikes. A lot of versatility here.
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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