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Originally Posted by Norman View Post
Now that I've teased you for breaking your carb if you can send me a drawing of what you need and make a intake make exactly of what you want out of pvc or some parts cut and glued together I could make you a nice one out of steel. looks like it needs to be a short run on the intake and a little offset to the left if your setting on the bike. let me know
not a good picture of my offset intake manifole but i think you will get the idea
I might take you up on that offer, let me know what for figuring for a price.

I have everything assembled....minus the carb. Ran into some more complications mounting. Right now it's being JB-welded to an elbow. Soon as that is dry I can't wait to give the engine a try. With my frame everything was a VERY tight fit but I love the look of it all. After I get the engine actually running I'm going to have to go through and see what needs tightening, what places have too much vibration, etc.

PS that durn exhaust pipe is a lot harder to bend than people make it come off to be!!!!
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