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Smile It didn't rain today,in my part of england,so..

Hi there everyone! Tell me, do you actually have to be nuts to enjoy these bikes, or do you just become nuts after getting one??

After my escapades with the 2 blowouts miles away from home, the other day, I spent most of the cold sunshine by my shed doors, putting my beloved "silver bullet" back to roadworthyness! Whilst the wheels were off I took the oportunity to replace the wheel bearings, not quite all of them tho, as I couldn't get the rear sprockets (7 speed) off the wheel. I had the right tool, it's just that I couldn't budge it (didn't even know if it was a right or left hand thread!).

I've fitted the 70cc engine on my bike (a very old, first version mountain bike), I must admit it looks really good, especially after the polish I gave it today. Because I'm slight of build (here in England we haven't learnt how to REALLY eat yet!!), I do manage to get an indicated 40mph out of it, but with no suspension, and age, the handling is exciting to say the is stopping it!!

The engine has now done about 200 miles and is beautifully "run in", the chain and sprocket also seem happy with each other too, although I'd love to do some sort of sound deadening around the clutch housing to deaden the cacophony of noise that oozes from that vicinity! Anyone got any ideas?

I envy those of you that can use yours on the roads etc. We're blighted with far too much legislation about more or less everything, here in England, and these things are not allowed on the roads without first getting the thing registered etc, all of which is more or less geared to make it impossible. We can buy the old Velosolex bikes, tho, which are road legal......just not quite as much fun!

I live in rural Suffolk, near the Norfolk border, and we only see a cop car a few times a month, so I must admit I enjoy taking the "silver bullet" out for a whirl along the narrow country lanes around my village. It's a dissapointment that I can't really take it to our nearest town, the historic Bury St Edmunds, but there's plenty of woodland around locally, to hide me!

Is it also a disease in that I cannot walk past my shed without popping in to give the dear thing a quick clean and polish?.........perhaps there really is a male menopause!

Well, it's dark now, and getting cold, so I think I'll pour myself a scotch and light the log stove, listen to some Syd Barrett and think about the ride I'll have tomorrow morning, before the rest of the village is awake!
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