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Default Re: Anybody seen Mr. Larkins?

Originally Posted by tyrslider View Post
Walter your math is close enough. Only the head is critical and its not really critical. Most important is that the bolts are even and not way over/under torqued +/- a foot/lb won't make a difference as long as they're even. Proper torque for size of bolt is good everywhere else.
Been doin' more research and it seems there is a "dry" and a "lubricated" number, the lubricated number being lower. I use anti-seize on all my bolts, so I guess mine are lubricated??? I guess I need to drill and tap a piece of aluminum and strip some threads or twist off some bolt heads. This torque stuff is more complicated the deeper I look, but I'm in it to learn, so I''l dig a little deeper. Happy Trails Walter F.
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