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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by BoDean_LP View Post
Rode for about three hours.

Got close to home, lost a lot of power.

Limped her home and took her apart.

A disintegrated needle bearing wreaked havoc on my piston and cylinder wall.

Good bye top end.

So, where's the best, cheapest, and fastest shipping place to buy one?
don't buy the stock needle bearing again! get a good one from skf or the stock bearing is too short and can drift from one side of the piston pin to the other and doesn't have full contact with the connecting rod, this is a common reason they fail. stock is 13 mm wide, get one 15 or 16 wide. you will spend $10 for a good one, $25 for the best. search around a little.
some people say that a motorbike defeats the purpose of a bike. i tell them to get a flintstone's car.
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