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Hi, thanks a lot, I really appreciate the links, those ones from your signature will help a lot! I'm looking to build a frame mount bike, 2 stroke, leaning towards the 66cc kits, but still looking at everything. Likely to try my luck at one of the ebay kits which i know is a bit of a gamble.

I like the looks of the bike from my first post (the AMF Skyrider) and might try sticking with the coaster brake with the addition of a front side pull brake. The only information i could really find on google for the bike itself is someone on a forum at said that back in its day it was a cheaper bike, so I'm a bit concerned about its strength being old and called cheap.

Due to the bike's age I figure I will replace the chain, I know I need to take the wheel in to be trued but other than that is there anything I should look into further?
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