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Default Re: Im new at this and I am looking for help...

there are SO many things that can cause this, but i'll ask the obvious.
first of all, is this a 2 stroke china engine?
since you say that you are unfamiliar with combustion engines or 2 strokes, you DID mix 2 stroke oil with your gas at a 32:1 or so ratio right?
is the choke on the carb stuck closed?
does the spark plug have spark? (there's an easy procedure to determine this).
are any bare wires touching the frame or the engine?
did your friend use the push together wire connectors that come with the kit?
if so, are they still plugged together?
(those wire connectors should never be used. all wire connections should be soldered together, and covered with heat shrink).
is there anything (like a headlight) hooked to the white wire coming out of the engine where the rest of the wires come out. if so, whatever is hooked to the white wire should be removed, and the white wire shoudl be cut and capped off.
since you're not familiar with engines, i hate to ask if you have gas in the float bowl in the carburetor. It is possible that the float is stuck closed, which would allow the needle & seat to stay closed and no gas will flow into the float bowl. it's also possible that there's a peice of dirt stuck in the needle & seat, which would allow no gas to flow into the carb. The main jet could also be plugged with dirt.
was the gas tank fushed out before gas was put in ot for the first time? these gas tanks are known to have a lot of debris and paint chips inside of them.
do you have an in line gas filter?
is it plugged up?
is there gas flowing out of the gas tank through the fuel line? (there's another simple procedure to check this)
like i said, there are a ton of things that can cause your problem...we need to get more specific to diagnose it.
but if you don't know about engines, we may not be able to help you because you may not understand what we are talking about.
more than likely, it's something simple that can be fixed by you with a little coaching and help. these engines are not that sophisticated, they are simple little things, but they do require lots of tinkering and tuning to keep them running.
if you bought this under the assumption that you could just bolt it to a bike, throw some gas and oil in it and ride it with the reliability of a car or a motorcycle, then you've been mislead.
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