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Default Re: Newbie Looking for Advice on a 4-Stroke Kit

Originally Posted by jimijuma View Post
KCvale: The Red chain question.

So where did you get that 4-stroke kit, how much was it, how was the installation?
My wife agrees, the red chain guard it is ;-}

I would normally go with the $360 4-stroke belt drive kit, but they were out so I bought just the motor and transfer case from for $340 and the $200 4-stroke shift kit which provides all the mounting and bottom bracket stuff I wouldn't use from a whole 4-stroke kit anyway, and then used a throttle and gas tank I had in stock.

A regular direct drive 4-stroke kit like this gasbike kit build was a bit tricky in this little Macargi Touch bike...

The Skyhawk motor mount platform didn't want to fit that small frame so I had to do some grinding/drilling work to get the platform mounted but after that it was easy.
On a larger frame the job would be easier.

Looking back on that build I am bit disappointed in myself for not painting that chain tensioner gray.
In consolation it barley needs one anyway and it is in the perfect place, if it should happen to come loose and travel in it will hit the rim and not go into the spokes.

I dumped the swept back handlebars on the touch so it wasn't so cramped and once you wound her up she'd really cruise but I am going for a close as to no pedaling as I can get a 4-stroke direct drive isn't that, it's the 'old Pinto' analogy for me.

If you don't mind pedaling to get going from a dead stop and you want reliability then go 4-stroke, that motor should outlast the bike twice over if you change oil regularly.
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