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Default Hello and help needed for father....

Well, hello everyone.

Just joined and am hoping to get some guidance gearing my dad up. Just wondering where to start. Some background on me, etc.

I've been riding a Bacchetta recumbent for about 8 years now and still love it (no motor......yet!). I got my dad on a Easy Racer a few years ago, spent a fair amount of time outfitting it with an electric wheel motor. Turned out really nice but he just never took to it. He used it for a few months and fizzled out. Honestly it never had quite enough power (see below)

EDIT 6/30: Well now he wants a motor on his Trike, Sun X3. Can a friction be used on a trike?

He's going on 70 and would like to get more exercise. We live in a valley which makes it hard for him to ride as it's a steep climb to get out to the flats where he;s more likely to ride.

I'm inclined to a gas motor but I really am not set on anything and have no idea what I should be looking at.

Any advise would be great.

Cheers all.

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