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Default Re: Newbie Looking for Advice on a 4-Stroke Kit

Originally Posted by LR Jerry View Post
Here are important questions to consider when building or buying for yourself or others:
Good advice and step one.
What fits your needs now, and how skilled a mechanic you are (including having the tools).

2-strokes are pretty easy and quick to build if you get some help with the rear wheel sprocket, and they will usually hold up a few hundred miles.
And for ~$250 disposable.

If you have the budget, time, talent and tools then by all means go higher end.

My last personal ride (Bad Mojo) re-sold for $1,195, more than I had into it after a year of riding.
I loved the feel of the bike but got tired of 2-stroke and having to pedal to start it even though it was a 1-pedal quick fire 3-speed.

You ask about 4-strokes and that is why I stopped in, I am building one right now, Big Red, a 49cc pull start cent clutch 4-stroke 3-speed shifter om a candy apple red Macargi frame with some attachment changes like seat and handlebars so far for my next new personal ride.

Though I wouldn't recommend a 2-stroke shifter build for a rookie, this 4-stroke shift kit build has actually been really flexible, especially once I actually went and looked at instructions after just assuming it went together the same way the 2-stroke shift kits do.

This just happens to be an opportune time to show you the bottom side of a 49cc 4S on a SickBikes Jackshaft shifter motor mount base and the bottom bracket replacement parts in for the freewheel sprocket.

Yes, it is complex but I do love how adaptable that SBP motor platform is, not to mention how strong their 3-point mounts are.

I don't have the actual jackshaft installed on it yet, I just finished up the bicycle drive part this morning trying to decide on which chain guard to use.

My point in regards to your asking about 4-strokes I am going that way, I've built a couple and a direct drive isn't that hard with a little help and ingenuity depending on the bike and mount kit.

Now let me ask you a question.
Black or Red chain guard on Big Red?

Note that they are identical chain guards and the kit has a plastic ring I painted red, due to the motor mount and distance between the crank arm and sprockets I get a stock guard on but just torn between colors and would just as soon get it right before I flip it over and not so easy.
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