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Default Re: weirdest stuff found in your motor

I bought a forklift for my business for $300 once. It had the distributor cap off and the dist. was full of rusty water from being out in the weather for 6 months.
I could turn the engine with the fan, so I assumed this was the only problem and would be an easy fix.

After I got it home and put a battery in it, I found that there was no compression on one cylinder.
Thought prolly was a stuck valve so I pulled the rocker cover to manualy depress the valves to check them.
I was real suprised when I found no valve stem where #4 exhaust was supposed to be.

When I drained the oil before pulling the engine, something was obscuring the drain hole. I fished it out, and it was the exhaust valve stem! In the oil pan?

The head of the valve was still in the top of the piston, and the piston was cracked verticaly into 3 pieces, and the rings were the only thing holding the pieces in place.

The previous owner had run it like this for quite a while, until the igniton problem made it quit entirely.
It was 19 years old, and he said the oil had never been changed LOL.
It is a 240 cid. industrial Hercules, 4 inch bore. Kinda powerful for a 3000lb fork truck so it was well worth the rebuild.
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