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Default Newbie Looking for Advice on a 4-Stroke Kit

Hey guys,

I have spend the past couple hours reading various threads on this forum and there is a wealth of info. I wish I would have discovered it sooner.

Anyways, a little about me. I am a dental student and am looking to build an alternate means of transportation as well as a source of fun entertainment. Being a dental student, my time and funds are pretty limited, but getting a reliable motorized bike up and running would have quite a few benefits.

So after reading a ton on this website my initial thinking is to go with a 4-stroke kit mainly due to the reliability, although I am open to advice from the experts. It just seems that the 2-strokes are hit and miss and require more repairs and do not last as long. That would be a major hangup for me as my time is very very limited these days. I want this thing to be very reliable.

So I have been perusing the web for 4-Stoke kits and there are so many. The price seems to range from $190 to $599. I would like some advice on what kit would be a great value. I am sure there are many riders on here that have had several. What 4-stroke kit would you recommend and why?

As far as the bike goes, I will be getting an old steel frame mountain bike on CL. There are plenty and it won't be hard finding one. The question is, should I get the kit first and then get a bike that I am sure will be able to accommodate a 4-strone engine?

Basically, any advice for setting up a 4-stroke motorized bike would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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