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Default Re: How to repaint a bike frame

Another option you may have available to you is whoever is in your social circle...such as a church/club/school or whatever. I can count of one hand the people I know who have access to a compressor in a shop they use for their hobbies or even own for a business. Going this could buy the paint and they may have hardware to get you going. If you have a talent or ability they a barter. You don't...may cost you a few dollars...but most people are pretty nice and will help you out as long as you're not going to burn their place down and they have the time to help you.

Another option is to look at getting a used compressor/paint rig from a pawn shop or a new one from Harbor Freight. (I like using them...but you have to remember their stuff is cheap for a reason.) My roommate got a $70 power saw and a 50' electrical cord for less than $40. They had more than three compressors for sale. You go this route...offer to paint stuff for people after learning on your ride.

If you believe in out a family locally who may not have a way to get around by offering to paint a bike for them from what you got from the pawn shop.

Just an idea. Who knows? Jesse James might come see you to get ideas if you can get going on it.
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