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Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Wayne did you say synthetic oil is inferior to Dino oil? You are going to make the opti 2 guys mad!
I'll say it, synthetic and dino are inferior to plant based, e.g. Castor oil in every regard except one (burn cleanliness). No other oil offers as good high temperature high pressure lubrication as castor. The great thing is you can take a crappy oil and mix it 25-50% with castor and have a decent all around oil that will greatly extent your engine's life, particularly in hot high power applications. Both my current high time HT engines are clean inside and the only problem I'v had was some narrowing of the exhaust outlet flange, but that took about 4 years to occur and is easily cured with some elbow grease.

The thing with optilube and 100:1 oils is that they are 2 stroke oils that aren't thinned down with solvents so in essence, at 100:1, you are probably actually running same amount of oil that traditional high solvent oils have at higher ratios, i.e. 50:1 The less the solvent, the higher the flash point and the cleaner the burn assuming all other variables remain the same.

FYI: less or little solvent is why Opti2's flash point is 450 deg F which is about equal to the flash point of 100% pure degummed castor oil.

By comparison: Maxima 927 (only 20% castor oil) flashes at 420 deg F. The flash point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid vaporizes into a combustible mixture. The higher the flash point, the longer it is a liquid lubricating your engine.

BTW, Amsoil interceptor flashes at 176 deg F and Amsoil saber at 214 deg F

By flashpoint alone, Opt2 appears to be a very good oil.

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