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Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Combination wrenches, (2)10mm, 13mm, 14mm (buy the hole set both Metric and SAE $19.99 HF)

so this guy said i needed this ^

when he says both metric and SAE does that mean i need a total of 8 combination wrenches? (4)10mm, (2)13mm, (2)14mm

or what?
I said (2) 10mm wrenches. ...The reason for (2) 10mm wrenches is when installing the drive (rag joint) sprocket, at least 2 wrenches are needed. Why a 13/14? a 13 can be used in place of 1/2" and a 14 can be used as a 9/16" both on the bike frame.

Why I recomend a torque wrench
Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
I ordered mine through Zoombicycles and it is fairly well built comparitive to some of the motors sold out there. It was painted well, no bent fins, it works.
The only thing amiss was a loose cylinder head, it was not torqued properly at all, that's OK because I ported it and trimmed gaskets anyway. I'd get into detail but I just made the coffee.
I would definitely order from Zoombicycles again

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
Basically, you'll need a 10mm, an 8mm, a philips driver and some needle-nose pliers(for the chain master link). That's it. That'll get it on there and running. A 10mm will be your best friend from now on. The 8mm is for the gas tank and cdi mounts, but you can do those with the needle-nose, so you don't even really need the 8mm.
You might want a second 10mm for getting the drive sprocket
This is a joke, isn't it?
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