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Default Re: Hi from Gilbert, AZ

when i ride my bicycle now, i cruise the sidewalks! the bike lanes are gonna take some getting used to for me for sure! i plan to commute on this thing. lucky for me, there is a bike "trail" that runs along the new 202, and one of the canals that will get me about 70% of the way there! with great scenery to boot. and the rest is nice roads with wide bike lanes. its about 18miles one way. i figure i will save $350-450 a month in diesel fuel. that is one of the reasons i want to build this bike. fitness is another. i am sure there will still be pedaling. i graduated to a desk job about 3 years ago. between that, and being partially handicapped. i am feeling my age way to soon! i need to get in shape. i havnt taken the dirt bike out in months because i dont want to go buy new gear. and my old gear doesnt fit me anymore. thats just not acceptable, and i am gonna do something about it! i have ridden my bicycle to work twice now, but 18miles is just way to far to pedal at 4:00am. my plan is to cruise to work in the am. and force myself to do some pedaling every day on the way home. i know, yea right! LOLOL

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