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Default Another Mad Australian

Hey guys and girls i just finished assembling my 66cc china consisting of your run of the mill china engine with a RSE billet cylinder head, RSE billet intake Reed valve, ceramic coated piston with the skirt filed down a tad to allow for proper intake flow a Dellorto SHA 16.16 carb i replaced the oil seals for german double lipped seals and the bearings have all been swapped out for high quality japanese bearings.

the intake and exhaust ports were bored out a tad more than factory and majority of the castings were taken away aswell as the crank being milled just a tad to lighten and balance it a little better than factory. the milling of the crank and porting were conducted by rock solid engines i have also replaced every bolt in the whole engine with allen head fasteners and used loctite to fix them in place.

im going to be mounting this to an alloy mountan bike with a SBP Expansion chamber and SBP Jackshaft kit and an 8 speed derailer, ill also try upgrading the clutch pucks to something greater than factory. i plan on also installing an MSD ignition module with 8mm plug cord and an iridium plug for optimum burn.

No cost has been spared building this engine so i hope you guys like it. i havnt mounted it to the bike yet or started it yet but im getting excited about it

i only have a couple of pics of the motor so far but ill post up more as the build progresses

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