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Default Anybody seen Mr. Larkins?

I've got a grab bag motor coming from thatsdax that I plan to use as an "educational tool", in other words I plan to take it completely apart and see how our Chinese brothers get these little motors to do what they do! I felt like a torque wrench was justified so I got one.

This naturally lead to HOW MUCH? Newton meters, inch pounds, foot pounds, Kg, cm holy crap! Found some conversion tables to make the water even muddier, for instance I want to tighten something 10 Newton meters--
1 Nm = 8.8507 inch pounds X 10 = 88 1/2 inch pounds
1 Nm = 0.73756 foot pounds X 10 = 7 1/3 foot pounds
Now I know 12 inch pounds = 1 foot pound, so the numbers above just don't look right. I confused maybe it's too early for numbers, yeah thats it! Happy Trails Walter F.
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