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Default High powered engines

Hi all. I'm new to this forum but have been searching through it for months. I'm thirsting for good info so decided what better to do than join up!

I'm planning a build, and decided to buy a single speed urban/MTB bike. Disc brakes a must. I'm considering a Stg 3 motor from 'Rock Solid Engines' as they are an Aussie company. But the more powerful motors out there have cought my attention.

My big question is has anyone fitted a euro air-cooled pocket bike motor like a BZM 420/620, Polini Elite 14 or similar to a bicycle? I'm trying to work out how it would perform without a gearbox. My quick sums say it will do over 60mph with the most practically attainable 6/80t gearing with a 700c wheel. Would this make it a real pig to ride?

I have looked at the Dax 50/Morini style motors and the case size makes them "look" really...well.... Illegal.

I work as a race car engineer (fabricator) so anything is possible for me to make, but I want to be realistic with what I do. Noise is not so much of an issue as I can fab silencers.

Cheers guys
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