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Default Re: Reasons behind motorized biking

Heart surgery and steep hills. I've always enjoyed bicycle riding because you aren't enclosed like you are in a car. Of course I do like convertible cars. The reason I enjoy bicycle riding so much is the lower speed. It's the best way to go sight seeing. Bike allows you to see things longer because you're going slower.

I do a lot of peddling but when I come to the hills now my engine gets me right up them. Now I no longer have to limit myself to short trips. If I get tired my engine can do the work for me. The other day as I was going downhill, I saw a heavy set man coming uphill on a mountain bike. I could tell he was really struggling to get up the hill. As I passed by him, he was looking at my bike. I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking: "that's what I need".

So the conclude the reason I got into motorized bicycling is to not be limited by a disability. The way I look at it. To continue something I love doing my mind had to take over for what my body could no longer do.
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