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Default Re: 'The (almost) everything was not right bike'

Originally Posted by dragray View Post
you can buy an offset intake manifold from sickbike parts.
i'm afraid that jb weld is not the best product to use on an intake manifold. It may hold up for awhile but it will eventually break down.
Not if I can make my own, the JB is just added as insurance, the pipes are silver soldered together, although it's not completely airtight, it's not bad.(do you mean gas eats it, or it will fail physically, or both?)
your chain tensioner is HUGE and over complex,
you need about 1/2 inch +- up & down in the chain.
if your sprocket is not centered as close as possible, your chain will come off.
I think it looks over complex because of the bracing. And the bracing is what I had and my budget barely allows.
also, these are notorious for the chains going loose, tight, loose, tight as the sprocket rotates, due to the center hole in the sprocket not being exactly in the center.
That's why I made a tensioner, for now I just want to ride my bike, fix the centering later, believe me it's on my mind, but the offset does not seem to be the problem, my chain is staying on, it just was getting bound in the drive sprocket during starting with the clutch engaged, I just fixed the problem I believe, I will test it tommorow, I will post a picture if it works.
[/QUOTE]just my opinions.[/QUOTE]
I value your opinion.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
If either is installed incorrectly all the chain tensioners, JB-Weld or any other bandaid isn't going to allow you to run without problems.
Heh, just JB as extra re-enforcement only on intake pipe mod.
make sure the chain is running in a straight line between the engine drive sprocket and the rear driven sprocket. That will eliminate most, if not all of your problems.
It's good, my only prob now is perfecting my tensioner.
This is my first build, so I'll have trials and errors, I've identified my chain problem, slack chain during start-up.
My sprockets line up well, I will let you guys know how my mods worked out.

Thanks for your advice, I will work smarter not harder next time!
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