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Default Re: 'The (almost) everything was not right bike'

Took the bike for a test run and inadvertently used the 'chain brake' the chain was tight, I was dumbfounded, how'd it get that way?
It was bound up inside the drive sprocket housing. Too much free play chain slopping around and bunching up in there during start up.

I've got to put a slack limiter in there, maybe an old brake pad right under the pivot? (where the tensioner wheel originally bolted on to)

A tie wrap (very temporary)

Just need a simple fix without re-engineering the whole bike, spent the winter doing that already.

Alright motorbikal jeeniuses I am open to any suggestions honoring the KISS principal, I am going to take a nap on it and when I get up I won't expect any answers, unless of course lurker #112 or #113 actually responds to my post.
Remember, I asked this post in the form of a question, you are bound to answer!

Update; the brake pad worked, for a short time.
I attached the pad bolt underneath the pivot and one end of the brake pad butted against the tension roller bolt, it stopped the top of the chain from slacking, but still allowed the spring to work, but with limited play.

The rubber on the brake pad broke up and allowed the bolt to travel.
So I pedaled home.

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