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Default Another Canuck saying hi

Hey all!

Posting up with my intro. Looking to see how many other Canadians are hanging out in here, too. Looks like a good group of people here from the searching i've already done. Lots of great info. THANKS to those that have been so helpful in the past!

I have a Zoom Bicycles ZB-80S-BK kit that I *just* picked up (like 2 hours ago). It's my first kit. Hopefully won't be my last. I'm happy to report that my first impression of the kit is favorable - no loose bits in the gas tank. hahahaha

I've been riding bikes of various types, human engine and gas (4-stroke only so far), as well as modding/repairing for over 25 years. Looking VERY forward to seeing what 2-strokes have to offer as well as finally being able to realize a (pipe)dream of having a 2-stroke-engined bicycle.

Will get started on that "soon enough" (= should be riding this weekend). I plan on taking my time and using lots of the info posted here to solve problems before they start. I don't wanna just slam it together and have problems right off the bat.

So yeah, there you go. Here I am!
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