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Default Re: Build or Ride? Which Do You Enjoy More?

Scootmeister, I had a bad experience with the Whizzer coaster brake when a car pulled out in front of me. The brake locked up real good. I got it going again but the brake would lock every time I put the brake on after that. I was going to ride in the Christmas parade at the time too but I couldn’t with a bum brake.
After that I bought the Whizzer band brake wheel and the auto clutch. No problem with band brake except it is ugly in my opinion, however the clutch is not working right now but I can fix it.
The coaster has been hanging on the wall and I don’t know what I’m doing inside that hub. Just say ‘in, the coaster sucks in a panic stop. I was doing about 20 and I had the right of way.
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